Do You Listen And Care Or Take The Easy Way Out?

Nolan Trapp
Nolan Trapp

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*Ring Ring*, *Ring Ring* …

You look at your phone. It’s that one person. You know, the one that you hate talking to because you know the conversation will devolve into something that you don’t really want to talk about.

Those topics could range from gossip to some personal issue that you’ve already discussed 30 times in the last day, to maybe a personal matter that you vented to them and now they refuse to let it go, believing that you must need to talk about it because they would.

“Lord, Please Help Me!”

That’s the thought that you have immediately: “Lord, please help!” We want the easy way out and we start to think, “How can we get this conversation over as quick as possible?”

Make up an excuse? Joke with them with those jokes that you both know are just jokes, but might annoy them enough to hang up (that’s my go to move)?

Or, do you just ignore the phone call? If I do that, what’s a good excuse? Why am I busy this time?


The above ideas are not the way we are meant to handle these situations. There are multiple scriptures that tell us we need to listen to our brothers and sisters.

James 5:16 tells us that we are to confess our sins to one another. That implies that we must also listen to one another too (yes, the bible does expect us to travel a two way street).

How can we listen if we refuse to answer that call or avoid locations because we might see them?

Now, I’m not perfect, obviously, but we need to face this reality. Sometimes the thing we want least, we have to deal with.


A very important part of the Bible is socialization. Some of my favorite little facts about the bible are some of the stories from Acts. One funny thing I’ve noticed is a few passages (Acts 2 for example) have an example of how the believers being together cause people to come to know Jesus.

How can we be together if we won’t listen to one another?

Now, that doesn’t mean that we have to be together all the time — we do need some alone time — but it is important that we deal with others. We never know when that person needs us or when others are watching our actions.

Sadly, we are all judged by one another based on what we do, what we say, or what we don’t say. Therefore, we need to put our best foot forward to represent Christ.

Patiently Dealing With Others

The best we can do for someone at times is listen.

There are many proverbs that tell us the benefit of listening, such as Proverbs 21:28. If it wasn’t important, I’m sure that the Bible wouldn’t have focused on it. Another key scripture I think of that tells us the benefit of listening is James 1:19.

Sadly, we have to deal with the gossip and other issues in our world, but to do it right, we have to listen.

So my dear friends, my prayers go with you, and I hope the Lord grants you patience to deal with your person. Remember, sometimes those people just need an ear. I pray that they find the right ear and that you find the words to ease their distress. God bless, brothers.


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