The Household and the War for the Cosmos Book Cover

The Household and the War for the Cosmos

Your household is not just a shelter from a war zone; it is the command center from where you launch your attacks. It’s this vision of the world, with the Christian family at the heart, that modern parents desperately need to recover.

Today the true revolutionaries are not feminists, homosexual activists, or other progressives but those who are seeking to halt any further erosion of the family, and even reverse the process–families who are intentionally working to restore at least some of the traditional functions of the household. –Nancy Pearcey, author of Total Truth and Love Thy Body

C.R. Wiley is calling upon us to remember that we have duties that go by the name of piety, what those duties are, why they have gone unregarded in our time, how they are founded in our human and bodily nature, and why they are essential for the Christian to practice…. And he is cheerful about it, more cheerful by far than our obliviousness deserves. –Anthony Esolen, author of Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture

About the Author

C.R. Wiley is a senior contributor to The Imaginative Conservative and a pastor in Manchester, CT. His short stories have appeared in The Mythic Circle and Fear and Trembling, and his nonfiction has appeared in Touchstone Magazine, Relevant Magazine Online, and Modern Reformation, and he is the author of Man of the HouseThe Purloined Boy, Book 1 of the Weirdling Cycle, is his first novel.

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