The Beauty of Blogging In The Necessary Journey Of Maturing

Payte Johnson
Payte Johnson

path maturity bloggingStumbling upon my previous blog posts has had me pretty discouraged as of late.

I’ve never considered myself a writer. When an idea fires me up I try to share the idea however I can. The best way to rapidly share these ideas has been to write them down and tweet. This has been my way to process ideas the last couple of years.

Looking back through my tweets, I’ve been testing myself. I like to see if they are biblical, loving tweets that exalt the name of Jesus. Well, as most of you can relate, the desire to write blogs that lead to award-winning, best-seller books has been an increasing desire of mine. I just need more practice, right? The problem is that I keep a very high standard with words, which discourages me to write.

Words are extremely important. I’ve been afraid that if what I say doesn’t blow people away I just shouldn’t write anything.

Why push out writing that’s only mediocre?

Riley Voth, the creator of The Majesty’s Men, received multiple texts from me stating that I demand my last few blogs to be deleted. My language, punctuation, theology, style, and more was just weird to me! I thought to myself, “Do I really sound like this when I talk to people?”

Riley replied with great insight. This site is a privileged tool for growth. We aren’t here to flaunt knowledge. We are here to grow.

Showing off what we know is pride.

Growing in what we know and how we communicate is the path to maturity.

Our theology grows, changes, softens, and hardens in areas as we walk with God and experience the Word coming alive. After six years of being born again, I feel like I have mountains to learn before I am a credible writer.

This post is meant to update you readers. I don’t feel like I have much to offer in my writing. My former blog posts seem like crap to me. But I want to start writing again about the deep things that God is teaching me and growing me in.

What I have contributed thus far hasn’t been much, but hopefully that changes.

Here’s my point: You writers need to keep writing your best work! Don’t expect to be impressed down the road when you look back. Expect to see growth in your present self. This is key. We are on a journey.


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