Abortion, Infanticide, Democrats. You Should Be Angry. You Should Do More

Riley Adam Voth
Riley Adam Voth

Yesterday the United States Senate Democrats voted down what should have been a slam-dunk easy passage of a bill meant to protect the lives of the most vulnerable around us—the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

No, we’re not even talking about an anti-abortion law.

We’re seriously talking about a baby that has been born alive! 

In light of this atrocious event, here’s a quick video in which I discuss:

  1.  The real and obvious reason the The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act did not pass.
  2. The fact that this is undeniably a “political” issue and it’s okay (actually, required) to engage it as one.
  3. The fact that a Christian can no longer make a justifiable argument for why Democratic party alignment is okay.
  4. A charge for men of God to step up to this issue and a bit on how we can and should make the difference in this matter.

The abortion issue is being pressed to reveal itself for what it is—pure evil depravity. It’s time to be angry about this matter. It’s time to do everything in our power to fight this evil.

Now Let’s Hear From You!

What are your thoughts on the democrats blocking this bill which so basically guards human dignity?

Regardless of your views on Republicans, do you think a case can be made for any Christian aligning themselves with Democrats?

Any other thoughts?


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