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God Is Most Glorified In Us When We Are Most Satisfied In Him by John Piper – #SuperSermons

A full explanation on this popular phrase (you may have heard) and how it is sensible, Biblical, and affects every aspect of your life! You can be most happy and most God glorifying at the same time! This message will change the way you think about your faith and life, just like “#SuperSermons” should do!

kings crown God for us or himself

Is God For Us Or For Himself? Yes.

Have you ever wondered why God has gone to such great lengths to save mankind and build his relationship back with us? We hear that he “loves us so much” and he’s “obsessed with us” but also that “all is for his glory!” So which is it? Is he all about us or himself? Which is right? Can they both be? Lance examines some scripture and reasoning that will help you figure this out.