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This mug just says MAJESTIC all over it…

No guarantees it will actually make you majestic, but it will likely make you feel it. This bold TMM monogrammed mug is a manly mug if ever there was one! Besides making a bold statement about who(se) you are. You can fill it with a whopping 18oz of your bold coffee, or whatever your favorite beverage is! It’s cool… men drink tea… and when you do, you always drink at least this much of it! On top of it all – well no, on the side of it all – is a big handle! That’s right, the way handles should be!

You got big paws? You’ll love this mug!

You got big thirst? You’ll love this mug!

You got big goals? Well, you’ll love all the liquid that this mug can hold!*

Get yours in the mail today! Simply add it to the cart and do your checkout thing. When you receive it, tag TMM in an Instagram so we can do our checkout thing of you sporting your new gear and reppin the site and our King. We may just feature you on this page!

*Note: is not responsible for caffeine overdosing because of our giant mug. 

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in

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