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Navigating the Chaos by Building Up Households

Today I read from my own blog post ‘Navigating the Chaos by Building Up Households’ and reflect on our current moment in history. Are we prepared to live in a nation in decline? What is our plan for navigating the years to come?

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The Patriarchy and Raising Sons with Jared Sparks

“The Patriarchy” has been a buzz word for the last several years and it is always portrayed in a negative light. On the episode today, Jared Sparks tells us about biblical patriarchy; how it can be redeemed and how it is good for the world. We also talk about his approach to intentionally raising his own sons.

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God’s Mission and Your Mission

Today I talk about the importance of having a personal mission for your life and setting your personal mission in the broader scope of God’s mission in the world.

Reflections on The Odyssey

I recently finished Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ and it had a profound impact on me. Today I share some lesson I learned from the epic poem.

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Wartime at Christmas

Jesus is our Prince of Peace and Christmas is our reminder that the Incarnation was an act of war against all darkness, sin, hell, death, and Satan.

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Virtus with Dr. Glenn Sunshine

Dr. Glenn Sunshine joins me on the show to get his historical expertise on the idea of virtus, or manliness, in the days of the Roman empire. We talk about virtus throughout history, the founding of our nation, personal development, and much more.

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Not Safe, But Good

In this episode I read an article written by Greg Morse at Desiring God about masculinity. Its very much in the same vein of what this podcast is trying to promote. Morse drives home the truth that masculinity is tough and tender, meek and fierce, and like Aslan, not safe, but good.

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Thanksgiving and a Theology of Patriotism

Thanksgiving is this week so I give a quick history of the holiday making the case that Thanksgiving is a Christian holiday. I also offer a theology of patriotism or love of country.

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Earthly Christianity – Wisdom

Part 1 of my series on “Earthly Christianity” where I discuss the tangible aspects to our faith. Wisdom is not just something that happens between our ears, but it works itself out into daily life.

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Put Not Your Trust In Princes

Take away from the election? Christians need a bigger vision than the next four years, regardless of who is in the White House.

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Don’t Despise the Younger Generation

Today I comment on the older generation of men that tend to look down on the younger generation for being lazy and irresponsible. The fact of the matter is the older generation raised the younger generation and really isn’t in a place to criticize to harshly. What should the younger generation do in response? Tune in. 

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Definitions of Masculinity

In this episode I give several definitions of what it means to be a man that have been helpful in my own life.

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Lewis Fridays: Nostalgia

Today I read from Lewis’s sermon ‘The Weight of Glory’ honing in on his idea of Nostalgia and how it should influence us today.

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I share a few reflections on the season of Autumn and why you need to be enjoying it.

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Manly Greatness with Aristotle

Reading from Aristotle’s ‘Ethics’ I look at what he has to say about greatness or the old school term of ‘Magnanimity.’ What does it mean to be a Magnanimous man? What are some qualities that great people display? How can we cultivate it in our own life? How should we balance this with the Scriptures? The Greek philosopher has much … View More