The Birth of our Daughter

Listen in to hear our journey from a C-section at a hospital with our first son to an all natural birth at a birth center with our daughter. We learned a lot about the birth industry in hospitals and the different approach we experienced at the birth center. Perhaps our conversation will encourage you!

toddler baptized

How I Changed My Mind on Baptism

In this episode I talk about the Reformed position on baptism how I shifted from a believers baptism view to an infant baptism view. 

Being HUSBAND with Jonathan West

Jonathan West from the Being HUSBAND Podcast joins me on the show. We talk about his podcast, CR Wiley’s influence on both of us, the manosphere, and he lays out five important things for every husband to know. 

person holding brown and black round ornament

Three Red Pills

I share three Red Pills that have changed my life completely. 

Riley Voth – TMM Founder, House Flipper, and Rancher

The Founder of the Majesty’s Men, Riley Voth, joins me on the show to talk about productive property and all the stuff he’s got going on. He gives some tips and wisdom if men pursue the productive property way of life.

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Freedom or Slavery – Your Choice

Proverbs teaches us that we will rule ourselves or be ruled by lust, sleep, robbery, leisure, and other things. People already enslaved to their lusts and passions are easy to control and moved about at the whims of tyrants, evidenced by last year.

Today I connect some major lessons in Proverbs to our current situation and encourage you – Don’t be a slave; be a king.

man holding boy's head

Don’t be the Doofus Dad

Modern culture portrays fathers as incompetent, overweight, good for nothing, and someone who just gets in the way or hinders what the rest of the family is trying to do – think Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. May it not be with Christian fathers. I offer some reflections and exhortations to fight against the modern stereotype. 

Postmillennialism with Collin Brooks

Pastor Collin Brooks from Redeemer Christian Fellowship in Roswell, NM joins me today and gives the ins and outs of postmillennialism. We have a great conversation about what it is compared to other end times positions, answer common objections, and Collin gives some personal ways the postmill vision has impacted him in his daily life. 

A Mixed Bag with Scott Tungay

Today Scott Tungay joins me on the podcast to talk all sorts of stuff: masculine hierarchies, honor, localism, nationalism, how we win as believers, mission, hope over despair, and what the future might hold. Enjoy.