Become A Vendor In Our Shop!

We’re really excited to work with you as a partner vendor in the shop and can’t wait to help you get after your goals and serve others!

We haven’t been publicizing this much yet since we’ve been focused on other projects we’re building out. So you’re most likely only here because you already know how this works and we invited you. If not though, you’ll likely have questions and need some answers. If you are interested, shout at us on Twitter or shoot us a quick email and we’ll get in touch asap!

All you need to do is fill out the small form below. We’ll review your info and contact you to discuss details further if it seems like a good fit.

Note: If you already have a Contributor account with The Majesty’s Men, you can sign in with that first and you’ll have less fields to fill out here (they’ll be linked). If you’d like more than one person to have access to your vendor account (such as a shop manager, your book keeper, business partner, or spouse), you can create an additional user account or ask us to add others later for specific roles.




Also, please know you will need a working Paypal account to receive your automatic monthly payments from us. If you need payments made more often, we can do that, but still only through a Paypal account.