Contribute Articles And Blog Posts

We are currently revamping the way we take content contributions — especially as we are systematically overhauling the entire website. 

First Time And Irregular Contributors

If it will be your first time to submit content to be posted on TMM, or if you anticipate being a one-time or very rare contributor, we ask that you send in well-edited, finished content after reviewing and agreeing to our publishing guidelines below. We will consider your submission and give you feedback on any edits or adjustments we might suggest and/or let you know when it will be published.

After you have been published, if you are interested and you have the skills to continue contributing regularly, we will be accepting some contributors to create an account and regularly produce content with the help of our editors.

Becoming A Regular Contributor (And Those With An Account Already)

If you already have an account with us, you will likely be notified in the months ahead as we clean up our content and contributor processes and our editors begin aiming us in our more focused direction going forward.

Once you have your Contributor Console account, you will then be able to submit content to our editorial process as often as you desire. After publishing a few times, if your writing or other content is well enough, you’ve proven you understand our editorial focus, and you don’t necessitate loads of editing oversight, you may be given access to publish freely on your own, as often as you wish. We are planning to build in perks for publishing regularly with us like this in the near future.

We’re looking for high quality content that aids the overall purpose of this community! It doesn’t have to be written posts only! Here are a few ideas:

  • Original articles in which you just one-and-done a topic that promotes discussion, teaches others, solves a problem, or anything else to add value to the site and to others!
  • Relay on some great videos, sermons, resources, art or other interesting things you find on the internet!
  • Do an ongoing series! Have a topic that you could really dive into in a thorough way? Begin a series of posts on it!
  • Become a resource! Perhaps you stay really up to date on new music, books, movies or stuff like that! We would enjoy intelligent, thoughtful, Biblical reviews and insights into any movies, books, music, art, sermons, etc.
    Cover the news, culture, and society with a Christ focused and exalting twist! This would be an excellent way to keep relevant, frequent posts that would attract attention to this site!
  • Most of all, it’s important to write things with your own personality in them! Don’t try to be or do something that isn’t you! You won’t enjoy it and then neither will anyone else! Oh, and we’re always open to new ideas!
  • Anything that feels too strongly self-promotional or spammy. We think you’re awesome, but if you aren’t here for the good of others, this won’t last.
  • Ranting without a better solution that’s offered in maturity, intelligence, and respect. We don’t have room for too many unhelpful critics here.
  • Poorly researched or disrespectful opinion pieces. Opinion articles are fine as long as they are for the good of others and well stated, but we want quality here!
  • Other stinky stuff… This isn’t to say you can’t openly discuss or even teach about a certain viewpoint, but if it smells like you’re using us… or just up to something no good… we’ll toss that stink out!

Navigating our theological differences between well-meaning Christian brothers is a difficult task, and we’ve tried many things over the past few years. Currently, we are of the mind that it is best to state that as an organization we do have a particular “theological view” and we do ask our contributors to rather closely align with some clearly-stated beliefs.

We believe it best for us all to state our beliefs and make them public because, let’s face it, we aren’t able to please everyone! If you don’t like what we say and do, and can’t be respectful and constructive about it, you can then know to go start your own blog somewhere else.

So we do ask that as a contributor to TMM, you review our doctrinal statement and state that you agree and align with at least one of some select historical statements of belief, yourself. These are simply historical, “orthodox”, foundational Christian beliefs (primarily of the reformed vein), but hey, not all “Christians” are into those… somehow.

“I’m a good guy that loves Jesus and people, loves thinking hard and studying God’s word, and though I don’t align with any of those statements, I want to respectfully submit something for your audience to consider. Can I do that?”

Well, since you asked so nicely… Even if you don’t agree with everything in the statement, you can possibly still publish something with us. We would be glad to take your submission and see if we can work together.

Just know we will most likely place a disclaimer on it, and that if you do write anything offensive, attacking, or in conflict with the statement of faith in a way that does not promote quality discussion, we will not publish your content at all.

Let’s Do This!

If you want to get involved and contribute, and you’ve read the previous info on this page, then please use the form here to submit your first contribution and get this process started! We’ll get in touch with you ASAP! FYI: we usually reply to these on weekends!

Common Creeds And Confessions

We love the bible and esteem it as the inerrant and infallible word of God. Scripture alone holds supreme authority over our beliefs and actions. However, for the sake of knowing who each other are and how we interpret scripture, creeds and confessions have been a useful, if not necessary, aid for many centuries. Likewise, we use them to provide an objective standard to which we can all agree and a way to assure quality and general unity in our content produced on this site.

Therefore, you will be asked to state your agreement to one of these when submitting the following form to contribute. This is not an exhaustive list, and thus if you have a suggestion you will be able to submit it in the form for review as well. 

Note: each of these links opens a new tab since you may be filling out the form and we don’t want you to lose your place. Yep, we’re considerate like that. 

The 1689 Baptist Confession Of Faith

The 1646 Westminster Confession Of Faith

 The 2000 Baptist Faith and Message

More coming… (suggestions?)

Not complete doctrinal confessions, but important statements of faith for us on gender and sexuality which you’ll need to know and affirm in order to contribute (both are quite short and easily read in one sitting): 

The Danvers Statement and The Nashville Statement