Join Our Community To Chat And Collaborate With Us!

*Update: we are soon to announce some new community endeavors than what is below. Coming soon in early 2021. For now, feel free to join the FB Group still to stay up to date. 

We once had a full-fledged community app going, but we’ve restructured things a bit… While we build out some new and better tools for the future, we are going to move our virtual community and chats into a simple Facebook group. Facebook Groups have really improved in recent years and we look forward to using some of the tools they provide and having conversations in there with each other! 

We share files, videos, funny gifs, and more! Topics can range from culture and theology to prayer and marriage. We also may discuss future blog posts, products, and website development with anyone interested. We’ve even talked about opening up a reading group and going through a book or scripture together!

The point is, we want to encourage one another, share life from prayer requests to jokes, and discuss topics in society and theology. We also work together with plans and projects for the community! You can be involved as little or as much as you’d like to be!

Join The TMM Facebook Group and while you’re on the platform like the TMM Facebook Page as well