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Publishing Policy (Copyrights and Licensing)

This is some legal mumbo jumbo (but the most important we have on this site) concerning the content that is published here as well as the use and ownership of it. We want you to know your rights and what you’re doing if you choose to publish with us. No secrets here!

It is our belief that you deserve to know your rights and responsibilities as a publisher on this site. You also deserve to know our rights, responsibilities, and intentions as site owner(s) with regards to the articles, audio, videos, and other publishing-related data you freely provide. Consequently, this Publishing Policy governs your responsibilities and discloses our intent with your work in all it’s forms as published through It also helpfully explains why we have these terms.

If you are unsure what something means, please ask. Contact information is available at the bottom of the Publishing Policy.

Your Agreement When Publishing Content With

(tl;dr): Even if you don’t read this entirely, by using the site you have agreed to the entirety of this policy and all of our terms. When you publish content here (written word, designs, videos, or anything else) we both have equal and all copyrights on the material minus the future works that we may produce from the original work. 

As the website and site owner(s) here, we desire to be both a publishing platform of high quality content and a place of development and practice. The site is one single “living” entity as a whole with interlinking and ever-growing content, and yet is filled with streams of your individual content from your mind and personality. This creates a difficult tension.

We know that posts you write come from your mind and you feel a deep sense of ownership to them. You should. We respect that. Yet, as standard practice with all publishing entities, we must reserve our rights to these works as well, for the sake of the publication and site as a whole. Still, nobody likes the Facebook-style, “Ha! You published it, but now it’s all mine, and I sell it and do what I want”, tricky rights. Yet, if a site (read: people) gives you a platform and community and does all the hard work to gather and market great content, shouldn’t they have some rights to the data? We all understand that too.

So we have created what we believe to be an extremely fair and mutually beneficial policy for everyone involved that you agree to by publishing content here. This is a joint copyright with specific but non-exclusive rights granted to (TMM) as well as to you as the published Author and creator of your work (but only your works).

Joint Copyrights For Content Published And Produced With TMM

By publishing (and/or selling) your work (in any format) on TMM you agree to license TMM to all rights pertaining to your work including, but not limited to, commercial use for selling, profit, and promotions of TMM and it’s works. In addition, TMM has all rights to license your work with any partners and for other uses such as for repurposing any or all of the content as parts or as a whole for different or future uses without compensation owed to you for any profit gained or perceived possible from your work.

With respect to your work, TMM extends you license to utilize your works, and only your works, in their originally published formats. You may do with your original content as you wish, including commercial usage or repurposing. If you wish to license your work to another party, you will need to let them know of TMM’s current rights as well.

It is, however, highly preferred and recommended by TMM that you do not publish, or allow anyone else to publish, written blog posts and articles on a blog or website in duplicate format to what you published with us. Google and other internet search engines penalize us both for that in a variety of severe ways. It is a highly frowned-upon practice.

All derivates of your original work after publishing that are made by TMM are property of TMM and do not fall under this joint copyright license granting you equal rights.


If you have any questions, please use our Contact page and shoot us a question. We will gladly help clear up anything!


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