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We are a friendship and mentoring community with a focus on helping young Christian men live wisely and winsomely in the contexts of society. We live for the glory of our king, Jesus, the Christ, who purchased our freedom and adoption into the Kingdom of God. We want you to know and enjoy him and his Kingdom too!

About Our Purpose, Mission, Values, and Community

You’re venturing into deep waters…

Living as a “man of God” and remaining someone respected in society, whether you’re 15 or 50, isn’t easy and never has been. Our world isn’t set up for success in this endeavor. We have a lot working against us.

It’s not only difficult because of our own personal shortcomings, but can also feel lonely, idealistic, or even idiotic because of others’ opinions, misconceptions, and offenses.

It takes a lot of effort, knowledge, self and cultural awareness, wise counsel from mentors, and a community of peers with the same intentions if you want to grow and thrive as a man of God. It takes an ever-growing spiritual maturity, character, and relationship with God.

“The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” – Proverbs 20:5

Well, we’re in this together, and we’re going to help each other. This is why we exist and why anyone can be a part of this community.

Imagine This With Us: What If We Could…

  • Have a community of committed friends who support us as we discuss life, develop, and discover our own ways we fit into God’s story and serve in his kingdom in our everyday lives!?
  • Have a community of like-minded brothers who serve as peer-to-peer mentors to encourage, admonish, and sharpen us as we discern wise and winsome theology, methodology, cultural awareness, communication, and more!?
  • Have a place to hear from trusted, experienced, elder mentors on specific subjects we’re dealing with or soon will!?
  • Set an example for each other by championing values that will make us humble, wise, loving, and happy old men one day!?
  • Pull together our resources, stories, experiences, educations, skills, and passions to better reach and serve more people with the hope and abundant riches that we have in Jesus!?
  • Have a safe and trusted platform that will continually improve so that we’re freed-up to live and love in our families, churches, and cities while we become better thinkers, communicators, servants and leaders!?
  • Set an example of caring less about who gets credit and more about spreading the gospel of Jesus — the one worth all credit — as we create something that people look at and can’t tell how it all works or who all is behind it, but can tell it is all about making much of Jesus!?

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well that’s what we’re working on here, together, and you can join us! Now let’s talk about our overarching mission and some specifics on how we’re working to accomplish these things.

Our Overarching Community Mission

Our Values We Encourage Each Other To Exemplify

Our Community Contributors And Members

What You Can Expect Here

Our target audience is young men, but what makes us different is that the guys we’re reaching are the voices that start and maintain the discussion!

We aren’t observing only “professionals” here; we’re learning and interacting with each other — the citizens of God’s kingdom from all views, walks, and parts of the kingdom! So we allow anyone to publish content here, and we have a team that “quality controls” as necessary.

We always publish two or three posts per week minimum, but if we’re doing a community-wide series it might increase to as much as ten posts in a week.

We love discussion! We desire authentic, vulnerable, and encouraging content and conversations that remain humble, respectful, and constructive as we converse around ANY topic!

We’re not afraid of dealing with difficult subjects here, and hope you write about them, but if you don’t appear to be fitting the previously mentioned characteristics and our community values, or you’re promoting a one track agenda with no concern for others, you will be blocked from anything except reading this site. We don’t have time for nonsense.

If you’re looking to understand how we categorize content and why, check out the Our Content page. This explains the role-based categories and further topic groupings.


If you have any other questions, please see our FAQ page and always feel free to get in touch through the Contact page.

Submit your book recommendation via this form and let us know why you’d recommend it for other guys! Thanks for your suggestions and contributions to the community!

*All accounts you have with TMM are the same account with different permissions. Visit the Join page for more about an Author, Show Host, Vendor, or Network Blogger account! Hit up the shop if all you want is swag.


Support Us?


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If everyone who visits in a month gave $1, we’d be able to pay a full-time staff and fund other endeavors such as the creation of media, books, courses and more to reach and encourage young men! Will you help make this happen? Click this image and tip us any amount.


The Adelphotes Network by


“Adelphós” is greek for “brother”, and so “adelphotés ” is the greek word used in the Bible to refer to the “brotherhood of believers” and the early followers of “the way”, both male and female. We are in the very early stages of building a network of like-minded brothers who seek to make much of Jesus, together. Each site will be guaranteed to be amazing with as much (or little) as you need to produce the content you want to produce with attractive style!

We are currently not open for applications, but if you’re interested, you can submit your info and reserve a place in line to be notified first when we begin accepting applications. Simply go to this page and submit your info.

You can check out a few of the guys who have already taken their sites live on the network and show them some support:


by Riley Adam Voth

The Gospel Plant

by Gerald White


by Obbie Todd

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A network for like-minded brothers.
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A library geared for guys.
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