Shipping & Returns Policy

So you wanna know how you’ll receive your swag or what happens if your new gear is broken? Have no fear, no gimmicks here!

Here’s everything you’ll need to know, and it’s simple!

Shipping Policy

We ship it to you as quickly and affordably as possible and reserve the right to do that however it needs to happen. Typically though, this will be through the USPS. So, expect around 7 days on average orders, but since we’re dealing with the USPS, (bless their hearts) it may be as much as 2 weeks before you have your order in your paws.

If it’s longer than that, or if something is broken or not to your liking, then you’re going to love this next part…

Returns Policy

Our returns policy is pretty simple: “Yes.”

Yes, 99% of the time, it’s going to be, “Yes, you can send it back.”

If you don’t like it, it doesn’t fit, or whatever it may be, you can return it within 30 days as long as you do so in the original condition and with original packaging you received. If you received something broken or messed up in some way, then please notify us right away. We’ll replace your order or reimburse you the money as soon as we receive your busted version.

If however, it seems like you just took it out on the town, tried eating it, or something really weird, we may have to spar and see who wins or something. I mean, come on, just don’t do any of those things with it and be honest!

We’re all grown men here…

…aren’t we?


But really, we appreciate your support! If you have any question still, as if this hasn’t been thorough enough for ya, please send a message using our Contact page on this site!