Join Us In Our Newly Launched Facebook Community Group This Year

We’re trying something new with the start of 2019: We’re launching a new community outpost with Facebook group! Join in, build friendships, and enjoy some peer-to-peer mentoring as we encourage one another in faith and life with our Lord, Jesus!

If you’ve been around the last 5 years you know we’ve neglected Facebook and, further, we’ve used other tools for online community building. We closed down our previously-hopping Slack community over a year ago and spent the last year rethinking and rebuilding TMM and forming new plans.

However, we have some big things in store in the future and we definitely still believe in leveraging online tools and resources to build friendships and community (just, make sure it’s for the sake of your real life relationships and local church and not for making yourself “famous”)!

Facebook has vastly improved group functionality the last few years. So we’ll be giving this a try as we begin 2019 and get after all the amazing content and plans we have for the months ahead. Even as Facebook is notoriously doing more and more cracking down on pages, people and posts that espouse traditional orthodox Christianity, we’re heading in! We’ll see if they let us stick around.

We’ll be leveraging some group functionality built into Facebook groups to try some of our mentoring ideas and other projects we have in the works this year. So, please invite trusted brothers in Christ to join and make this Facebook community outpost a great one! It’s for you!

With all that said, find it directly, here:

You can also find it easily from our official Page at where we share blog posts and other news and content. Give it a like while you’re over there!

Looking forward to chatting again soon and/or getting to know you if you’re new!

Join In The Discussion With Whichever Platform You Like Best!

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