If You Can Watch This And Not Be Inspired, You May Not Even Be Human!

Let’s just put it this way: If you can watch this and not shed a tear or two, you’re stone cold. If you can watch this and not feel inspired, you may not even be a man.

This video displays the epitome of what we mean on our About page and Join page when we say we want to help create men who are biblically wise and culturally winsome. Men who are rooted with identity in Christ, and able to speak the language of our culture and show them the restoring hope, love, and truth of Jesus Christ.

This is the power of placing your identity in Christ, rather than yourself or anything else of this world. This is the power of then making yourself available to be used by him, however he calls you, to love the world as he does.

He is the object of our faith, not our own strength nor anything else of this world.

Jesus Christ alone empowers forgiveness, restoration, hope, and purpose in people’s lives, and he uses us to accomplish this mission.

Power to you Jeremy! May God continue to bless your endeavors. Thanks for sharing this story. We’ll help you share it and love the world as Christ does!

“I’m Possible” by Jeremy Cowart

View his website and signup for his lists at JeremyCowart.com

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