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What Should We Think About “Hyper Grace” Preaching?

“Hyper grace”, or “extreme grace”, preaching has crossed my path lately. I want to talk about what has been shown to me, and what I’m learning. I am still searching for more content.

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Partakers of this group are saying, “It’s like I have been born again, AGAIN!” I love some of these guys because of their passionate hearts to set people free from bondage. These preachers teach entirely on God’s grace and nothing else. To make it clear, I am exploring this rapidly growing approach to spreading the fame of Jesus Christ. It is very contagious. The preachers have been claiming to back it up with miracles, healings, and revelations.

Yet, this new approach to the Gospel has made me skeptical in a couple of areas. Before we discuss this perspective of a new life, in Christ, I say that I simply do not disagree, nor completely agree, just yet…


For starters, I commend the “hyper-grace” preachers for their boldness and standing against persecution from other religious-based Christians. While sticking to straight grace Gospel, without including willful repentance, I see their responses as loving and honest. Good job! It speaks loudly when a believer is willing to step out, in faith, and preach about Jesus Christ. You have my blessing.

The truth is, we all have slightly different understandings of theology and doctrine. I am greatly thankful for a God that is not intimidated by our brokenness, and is willing to forgive us all, by His mercy. Jesus knows we all slightly disagree on at least ONE tiny thing in regards to doctrine or understanding of God. If we trust in the Lord, He will bring us home one day!

The newly revealed approach to the message of Jesus Christ has really captivated me. It is a new view on God’s grace. We know that it is ONLY by the grace of God that ANYONE can be saved (Eph. 2:8-10)! God’s grace, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, has made salvation possible.

Works, deeds, words, ethnicity, etc., have no way to justify our eternal relationship with God. Jesus has justified our relationship with God. He Himself has came and made everything golden! But, Paul, a man of God, who wrote most of the New Testament will teach about repentance, as well.


The word, “repentance”, has been said to not at all appear in the Greek. It was, I guess, from the Catholic church, and may have a slightly different meaning than what we think, from what I have heard.

However, even though the word, “repentance”, may have never appeared in the Greek, Paul clearly has the notion to move believers into a faith that has the fear of God. I feel that is my biggest beef with the strict grace preaching. There is no reverence of fear or comprehension that God is holy, from my interpretation. I can very well be wrong, but it’s what I have seen and understood.

Now, the pure grace of God HAS indeed made everything possible. Yes, the grace of God is all that we need! God’s love is the only way to an eternal freedom with Christ. This revelation and gift from God opens my eyes to more than just laughing really hard, and living however I feel each day. But rather, I fear God. He is so holy and righteous. He has got my life in His hands.

I fear God for the power He possesses. My fear is not that of a scared nerd prepared to take a beating from a bully, but a righteous fear. It IS because of His grace!

I hope this makes sense. We are so broken. I sin everyday, and will until I die, because of my brokenness. Thankfully, God does not count our sins against us any longer. He has set us free indeed!

Miracles and Healings…

I do want to make a point about miracles and healings. Matthew seven is a profound chapter. It teaches there will be some who teach, heal, cast out demons, prophesy, in the name of JESUS, and NOT be saved. Healing and miracles cannot be the measure used for correct truth, because Matthew chapter seven reveals that a relationship with Jesus, and Him knowing you, will reconcile your eternal stance with God.

Although, I believe that Jesus can use miracles to advance the Gospel. Also, I say, do not hinder miracles and healings, but do not seek them. John the Baptist was the “greatest man to ever live” and he never did a miracle like this. So, don’t seek it. Seek more of Jesus and what His Word says. I will too! 🙂

Paul was a man that spoke straight fire. He makes it honestly clear that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom (1 Corinth. 6:9). If you do not repent, or turn away from sin, you will perish.

I believe, there is a difference between the sinner, and the sinner. One sinner realizes their brokenness because of the conviction from the Holy Spirit. Fearing God, they break and lift up Christ to others. On the other hand, the other sinner cares not about their sin, is unrepentant, unwilling to submit to God, careless towards sin, and does not confess their brokenness.

Paul makes it so clear that we die to ourselves daily (1 Corinth. 15:31). We must take up our electric chair and follow, willingly, in joy!

A skeptical approach I possess towards the “hyper-grace” message is the lack of dying to self, but from what I understand. This approach encourages to do as you feel – dying to self is old covenant and irrelevant to God’s overwhelming grace. This doesn’t sit well with my discernment, nor Paul’s teachings. Paul helped me understand I am evil and broken, setting me up for a complete reliance on God’s promises and unfailing love.

Let’s Discuss This More

As I have stated previously, I am open to hear more on this view towards the grace of God. It may be that these preachers have the spiritual gift of encouragement. From what I read in Paul’s letters beside this new grace awakening message is that I do not feel it is full Gospel. It nails the grace of God, but leaves me hanging at times. I have not heard all there is to hear.

Any correction, help, discernment, and encouragement is definitely welcome! I thank Jesus so much for other brothers, in Christ, to help me uncover more of God’s grace and the finished work of the cross.

Again, I remind you, the Lord is bigger than theology or doctrine. We may not all completely agree on every single detail, but trust that the Lord is with us, and teaching us to love one another, in truth, more each day. God bless you!

Q: What have you heard on “hyper-grace” teaching or preaching and what are your thoughts? Have any additional resources on this teaching? Help each other out in the comments!

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