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Love Your Lady, Lion Tshirt & Vneck


This shirt is light weight and super comfortable, but serving and loving your lady like Jesus loves his church, is not. The weight of this calling is heavy and not always easy, but this honorable calling on your life is to show a direct reflection of Jesus’s sacrificial, redeeming, serving, protecting, compelling love for us as his people! So let us represent our king Jesus in the way we love our lady! This shirt won’t help you do that, but it can show that you want to!

Designed by the talented, Jessie Courson of, the quote reads: “His words evoke her beauty. Everything he says and does is designed to bring the best out of her.” inspired by Ephesians 5:25-28 and quoted from Eugene H. Peterson’s “The Message” paraphrase translation.

May this statement be true of us as men, just as it is true of Jesus and his church!

Instructions For Being Awesome

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About The Designer

light and zest jessie courson logo imageJessie Courson operates – a visual devotional encouraging connection with God. Light And Zest focuses on art, design, and faith, and Jessie blogs and posts designs, devotions, and additional products she develops there each week. You can also hire her for logo development and other work through her business, Jessie Lynn Images. Jessie was a delight to work with in this collaboration – as patient and pleasant as can be! We’d highly recommend her skills, and more importantly, her character!

Check out her related blog post to this product on our blog: The Lion And The Caretaker

Fitting & Details

We’re offering this one in a two styles, premium or v-neck t-shirt, with multiple color and size options! Both styles are super soft, light weight and slimmer fitting. Basically, you’ll love the feel and your lady will love your look… well, she’ll probably love your feel too but we’ll leave that up to you two.

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Style and Sizing Options

This shirt comes in a variety of style and color options for you (with more on the way), so here’s a bit of info to help you make a wise choice and be looking top notch:

Premium Tshirt
V-neck Tshirt

Shipping, Downloads, & Returns

You'll find we're pretty chill around here. We know sometimes things don't fit right, minds are changed, postmen throw fragile packages, and so on. So with almost everything, we provide a super easy return policy of up to 30 days as long as the item has not been obviously chewed on, coffee stained, or damaged by you in some strange way. Digital goods are an obvious exception to this rule. If you need more detailed information, please read our entire Shipping & Returns Policy.

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